The crazy man is me. Let me preface this by saying I have no knowledge of any trade rumors, Cashman does not call and ask my opinion and I don’t have any contacts in the front office. But what I do have is my opinion. agree with me or not that is what blogging is all about.

When I look ahead to what the post season roster will probably be Im not entirely satisfied with how the bull pen will look,primarily the long man. Now you always hope that a long man is not needed but situations do arrive that it becomes necessary. With Phil Hughes likely slotted as the set up guy it looks like Alfredo Aceves or Sergio Mitre will be the long guy. Personally I would like to see Aceves as a seventh inning guy and Mitre left off the post season roster all together. Robertson could fill the role but its not his thing. I believe Phil Hughes should be the guy if multiple innings are needed out of the bull-pen.  Now I know that many of you are now saying well what about the eighth inning? Can Bruney be trusted? is Aceves the guy? My answer on both counts is no. Now this is where the rantings of a crazy man come in. I think that the Yankees should trade for Billy Wagner. billyeags

Now that you all have stopped yelling at me here are my reasons. The Mets have recently placed him on Trade waivers. Lets assume that he is healthy so  ineffectiveness will not be an issue. The Mets have signed K-Rod to a long term deal and will have to eat at least some of his contract. The Yankees would probably only be on the hook for around 1.9 Million + another million dollars to buy out his option for next year if they don’t want to keep him for another year.  He is good enough the Yankees may have to give up someone of some value but his age will keep him from demanding any elite prospects. He is a 5 time all-star and has pitched in 11 post season games. Having another veteran with post season experience would be big. Lets assume that the Yankees will carry 8 Relievers in the post season 2 of them as long men.

Long men

1. Phil Hughes

2.Joba Chamberlain (or starter if needed)

Other Relievers

1. Mariano Rivera

2.Billy Wagner(L)

3. Phil Coke (L)

4. Brian Bruney

5. Dave Robertson

6.Alfredo Aceves

Obviously your Three starters are

1.CC Sabathia

2. Aj Burnett

3. Andy Pettitte

This  is a killer staff no matter how you look at it. But if you look at it without Billy Wagner you are filling  a spot with the likes of Sergio Mitre,Chad Gaudin,or Mark Melancon. I think he could be had for a serviceable minor leaguer plus if he does well he has an option for next year. I’m sure Wagner would rather stay in NY than have to pack up and move . Yes I’m a mad man and It is unlikely it will happen but it certainly gives us something to comment about.