joe-dimaggio You may have noticed we have a different blog  title from Yankees Online Magazine. We’ll we have done this out of respect for the Yankees Magazine TV show. There has been some confusion that we were affiliated with them so the new name is born. YO Magazine Daily means the same thing Yankees Online Magazine daily. So it is kind of the same. We had strayed away from the WordPress format for a different host at, and although there were some advantages to their web site hosting service they were negated by the amount of traffic we lost. This site was becoming one of the bigger Yankees sites on the Web averaging a few thousand visitors a month and its time to return it to its glory.

We did pick up a couple of new things on the new site that we didn’t have before primarily a monthly feature article and a player of the week page. We will be bringing those features to the new site.. We will still have the same great content and the same great writers as we have always had. We are also proud to announce that we will be representing the NY Yankees on the Foul Pole Network which will be starting up in September so I will keep you posted on that as it gets closer to takeoff.

Tomorrow we will begin our new endeavor with Pre and Post game and all the latest YO Magazine daily news. Oh and by the way our twitter account will still be there and we will continue to tweet as much as ever so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter