Every Yankees blog in the free world is talking about the same thing right now and I didn’t want to be left out in the cold so I’m giving you the facts. Than I’m giving you my opinion. Finally you will be giving me yours. That is right it isn’t optional kids, if you never ever leave a comment on this blog I don’t care, today you are going to.amolina

Jose’ Molina is getting close to returning from the DL he is able to run from second to home at a fairly good clip.(which for him is somewheres between a 4 year old on a tricycle and a three legged chipmunk with one broken)  and he is making strong throws from home to second. Lets get one thing straight, Molina is not getting traded!!! You don’t trade one of the best defensive catchers in the game because his Rookie fill in has a little pop in his bat. That being said there will have to be corresponding roster move(s) to him being added back on the 25 man Roster.

Some are saying send Fransisco Cervelli down

Some are saying keep Cervelli, run with three catchers and send Remiro Pena down

I also have heard send down Pena and Cervelli and bring up Shelly Duncan to be that right handed bat of the bench.

Now if I’m not mistaken (which happens from time to time) didn’t Pena win the back up infielders job in spring training and Ransom was filling the spot for the injured Alex Rodriguez and then he went down thats how Angel Berroa came about?

I love Pena he can hit , run and is slicker than oil in the field. I also love Cervelli , he is surprisingly nimble for a catcher and runs the bases well. I also love Shelly Duncan he is tearing up the town in Scranton and had a roster spot in 2008 prior to his blood clot thing that caused him to go down.

I say Cervelli has to go down. Mainly because he has options and he would benefit from being able to play every day in AAA. I also think Ransom has to go down. There is no need for two utility infielders when Pena can play 2nd or 3rd. Shelly Duncan would be a monster off the Bench and can also play an fairly decent outfield or first base when needed. He has a ton of energy and fun and his teammates love him. (although their forearms don’t). I’m also going to add one more roster move that hasn’t been mentioned. I am officially calling for the release of Brett Tomko. Yes I know he hasn’t been all that bad overall. OK that’s not true he is 0-2 with an ERA on the wrong side of 5. Lets bring back  Mark Melancon he has only pitched 3.1 innings in the bigs we need to give him a bigger sample size. He is 3-0 @ Scranton with an ERA of 2.91. In 34 innings has allowed only 24 hits and 2 HR with 41 k’s. Those are pretty impressive numbers Brian Cashman what are you waiting for.

OK now its your turn! Who stays ? Who Goes?  Let the debate begin.