Mo Rivera of the Yanks got his 500th save of his career. He also notched his 1st RBI in the game as well. You don’t see that everyday. Trevor Hoffman is the only other closer with 500 saves. Hoffman has 571 and currently plays for the Brew Crew. (not Rocky’s Brew Crew in Rome but the Brewers HAHA).

Being a Yankee fan and making no qualms about that, Mo is the greatest pitcher I have ever seen. He closed out games in April with the same consistency that he closed out World Series Games. The best thing about Mo is he did it with one pitch. A ferocious cutter that he could throw to all 4 corners of the plate at will.  It was a pleasure to watch him pitch and still is. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the greatest closer of all time. Hoffman is the man no doubt but hasn’t come close to closing out the type of games Rivera has in his career. Congrats to Mo,  he revolutionized the closer role and made it just as important to a pitching staff as the starting ace.  I firmly believe without Mo Rivera the Yanks wouldn’t have won 4 championships in 5 years during the late 90’s. He was that important to that staff. He shortened the game. In 96 he did it by coming into the game in the 8th and every year after that as the primary closer.  Just an amazing athlete who apparently has a decent eye at the plate.

By Michael Genovese