12wangThe Bombers hope to build off Chien Mings Wang’s last semi successful  start adding their newly found offense. The Yankees have outscored the Mets in this series 29-1 and hopefully will add another win to make it five straight. Unfortunately the Red Sox are also on a role winning 4 of their last 5. But fear not fans the Sox lost today to the offensively challenged Braves 2-1. This puts the Yankees at 3.5 games out of the division and 3 if they win tonight. They will also increase their wild card lead to two games with a win. So this is kinda an important game. You have to win when everyone else loses or you will ever gain any ground. Here is your hometown Yankees starting lineup:
Derek Jeter SS  (Back in the lineup after battling the flu)
Nick Swisher RF ( Filling in the #2 spot for Damon who has the flu now, shouldnt have been kissing jeter)
Mark Teixeira 1B (should see better pitches now that Arod is heating up)
Alex Rodriguez 3B (A-Rod is 7 of 22 with 11 RBI in his last six games with two home runs)
Robbie Cano 2B ( has slumped a bit of late has battled a sore wrist)
Jorge Posada C (big homer last night showing signs of life again)
Melky Cabrera LF (had 2 hits last night batting .291 is 1 for 2 against Hernandez)
Brett Gardner CF (Has been on fire could anyone predict he would be batting .293 at the end of June?)
Chein Ming Wang RHP (Starting to get more ground ball outs with his hard sinker)

Pitching: RHP Chien-Ming Wang (0-6, 11.20).

Mets Lineup:

Murphy 1B
Cora SS
Wright 3B
Sheffield LF
Tatis RF
F. Martinez CF
Schneider C
Castillo 2B
Hernandez RHP

Pitching: RHP Livan Hernandez (5-2, 4.05).

If Joe lets Wang Swing the bat i will be pissed. But hes a gamer and will probably be hacking anyway. He needs a win to get back his Mojo.

Game time will be 8pm on ESPN join me after the game for wrap up and preview of the Seattle series. Remember you can follow live game updates via our Twitter feed user name Yankeesmagazine.