I’m not going to go into a lot of details tonight except to congratulate Mariano Rivera on getting save number 500. The Mets walked to many hitters includeing Rivera with the bases loaded for his first career RBI.

Chein Ming Wang went 5.1 innings allowing 2 runs on 3 hits for the win and the Yankees bullpen nailed it down. Most of the Damage for the Yankees came in the First inning capped by a two run Mark Texiera double and a sac fly.

Yankees Mets Baseball

For the Mets Livan Hernandez wasn’t bad allowing 3 runs over six innings but the walks and mental mistakes kill ya.

The Yankees gain ground on the Red Sox and are now 3 games out of first. Tomorrow is a day off. Genevosey will talk more tomorrow about what a big deal 500 saves really is and hopefully we will have a detailed injury report for you and talk about a couple of talk that have been floating around.

Tuesday will feature the Return of YankeeMeg with the line ups and Babble after the off day as the Yankees come home to face the Mariners. Thanks for tuning in everyone.

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