My Internet is back up and running so this post game is coming to you live from my living room not the leasing office in my building. Good thing too cause I am not 100% positive I am allowed in there. Anyway, the story of tonight’s game over in Queens was AJ Burnett.  He pitched 5 full innings of no hit ball before letting up a single in the 6th.  He threw 7 full, fanning 10, and letting up just the one hit. This is the guy the Yankees have been waiting for. He showed why he is worth the money tonight.

The Yanks offense appears to be alive once again.  Nick Swisher started the scoring off for the Yanks (and my fantasy team) by jacking one to left center giving the Yanks a 1-0 lead. A Rod drove Teixiera home with  a single in the 6th. The RBI was A Rod’s 9th in past 4 games. Posada would put the game away with a 3 run home run to center scoring A Rod and Cano. Bruney and Robertson secured the shut out in the 8th and the 9th respectively.

The Yanks go for the sweep tomorrow night at Citi Field. The Yanks need this tomorrow. Hopefully Wang can build on his last start which was better then any of his pervious starts. He was economical and basically only had 3 bad batters. Hopefully tomorrow is the day he comes around as well.

By Michael Genovese

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