1. Gardner CF
  2. Swisher RF
  3. Texiera 1B
  4. A Rod 3B
  5. Cano 2B
  6. Posada C
  7. Cabera LF
  8. Pena SS
  9. Burnett P


  1. Cora SS
  2. A Reyes 2b
  3. D Wright 3b
  4. Church RF
  5. Sheffield LF
  6. Murphey 1B
  7. Reed CF
  8. Schnieder C
  9. Redding P

There are the lineups for tonight’s game. My Internet at the house is down and I am bringing you this pre-game from the leasing office in my building that I have snuck into after hours. When a man makes a committment to the team he has to see that through until the end.  Tonight is game 2 of the series and pits AJ Burnett fresh off a suspension against Tim Redding of the Mets. I look for Burnett to have a chip on his shoulder and maybe throw with a little more umph tonight. Jeter is out of the lineup for the second straight day with the flu. Hope he is ok as he was about to get on a tear and now has been forced to miss his second straight game.  I will try to bring you the post game but I don’t know if at 11:00pm I can sneak into the leasing office. Hopefully my internet will be back.

By Michael Genovese