Ok Here is my take on Red Sox pitching. I have to disagree with my esteemed colleagues Genevosey’s  analysis of it being “ one of the  most formidable starting rotations in baseball. “

Here is a comparison of Yankees and Red Sox starting pitching


Brad Penny  5.93 ERA (Bad) 92 hits in 72 innings (Bad)
Tim Wakefield  4.47 ERA (Bad)  90 hits in 88 innings (Bad)  35 walks (horrible)
Jon  Lester     4.68 ERA (Bad)  95 hits in 90 innings (not as bad as others but not good)  106 SO (great) 30 walks ( Bad)
Josh Beckett   3.54 ERA (good)  89 hits in 96 innings (good) 8 wins and only 4 no decisions (good) Ok Beckett is very good
John Smoltz ERA 9.00 Horrible  7 hits in 5 innings (bad) .318BAA (bad) granted sample for Smoltz is to small to judge but you don’t even want me to put up Dice K stats you will laugh.


CC Sabathia 3.59 era (good)  85 hits in 105 innings (incredible) .220 BAA (very Good)
AJ Burnett  4.24 era (bad but better than all the sox minus Beckett) 81 hits in 87 innings (good) 82 k’s in 85 innings (very good)
Joba Chamberlain ERA 3.81 (good) 70 hits in 75 innings (good) 37 walks (bad) 69K’s in 75 innings (good)
Andy Pettite ERA 4.38 (bad but still better than sox -Beckett) 103hits in 90 innings (bad) 7-3 record (good)
Chein Ming Wang  So bad I don’t want to post it but not much worse than Dice K
Phil Hughes ERA 4.42 ERA (bad) 42 hits in 45 innings 45 k in 45 innings (great)

Number of goods or better for Red Sox   4 number of bads 10
Number of goods or better for Yankees 10  number of bads 5

The Yankees have good starting pitching and its much better than the Red Sox. The Yankees Achilles heel has been hitting with RISP. But his has improved over the last few games.
I don’t thing Smoltz has what he needs to have to be an effective pitcher at 42. If the Red Sox are seriously going to win the east they need to get Dice-K back to the form that won 18 games last year. So Although Boston has a solid bull pen especially the back end of it Their starting pitching is far from formidable.