Yankees Braves BaseballOk the Yankees are officially not playing good baseball. Unlike last year the problem is not the pitching. The pitching is keeping them in games, its the offense that is letting them down. Getting shut out by the Braves is unacceptable.  Stranding 11 base runners is down right pathetic. Tommy Hanson seemed like he was pitching out of trouble all night. The next time the Yankees draw five walks against someone and don’t score a run I’m personally going down there and whip someones ass. The whole not hitting with runners in scoring position needs to stop and stop now.

The Good:

Chien Ming Wang: Besides the one bad inning,   he kept them in the game allowing 3 runs over 5 innings and only walking 1 batter.  he had 15 of 22 first pitch strikes with 6 ground ball outs and struck out 4

Derek Jeter:  Jeter hit double number 425 passing Babe Ruth moving into 4th place all time on the Yankees doubles list. Thats pretty good company huh?

Brett  Gardner: Got another hit and drew a walk. Is it me or is this kid always getting hits whenever he gets a chance to play. oh yeah is OBP is .361, not bad for someone who doesn’t get to play everyday.

The Bad:

Alex Rodriguez; Ok A-Rod is in a slump but its getting ridiculous. He says hes fine but he went 0-4 with a strikeout and it seems he is having trouble fielding what should be routine ground balls. His day off could come tomorrow as Cody Ransom is on his way from Scranton. This could mean goodbye to Angel Berroa. Can anyone say about time.

Jorge Posada: Posada is also not playing well as he gets the golden sombrero going 0-4 with 4 strike outs and an error. Not a good night for Jorge who’s batting average has dropped to .272

anyone at bat with runners in scorring position: The Yankees are not hitting at all with runners in scoring position. NOBODY NONE NOTTA.

ok how do we fix this. First I think we need to mix up the batting  order a bit. Perhaps try Gardner leading off . Maybe switch Arod and Tex. This might let Alex see more fastballs and build his confidence with a couple of deep ones. ( To be fair Alex did hit a long fly ball tonight that would have been in the seats in NY) Give Posada a day off maybe two let Cervelli prove he belongs in the big leagues. We are all hoping that the return of Xavier Nady is imminent and that his bat will spark something in the line-up. However I still have my reservations about his elbow and it being a ticking time bomb.

Now I know many of you have been calling for Shelly Duncan to be called up for at least a bench role. Problem with that is that he doesn’t have any more options and if you call him up now you have to keep him up or probably lose him because he is to good to pass trough waivers again. Once Nady gets back this would leave the Bombers with way to many outfielders . (Counting on my fingers)  7 if  Duncan were to come up. Plus the fact that someone would have to be let go to make room for him. I am assuming that Berroa is gone with the return of Ransom. Im guessing Tomko will go when Nady Returns so to call up Duncann would mean sending down Pena or Ransom. I love Duncan as much as the next guy but I say If Nady comes back 100% Duncan becomes a great trade chip perhaps for a 7th or 8th inning guy that could really solidify the bullpen and the Bridge to Mariano Rivera.

Tomorrow  night Joba Chamberlain takes the mound against Kenshin Kawakami. I would say this is a pretty even pitching  match up. Lets hope the Yankees find a way to shake things up and start to get some hits. We are hoping that Megan has her Comcast up and will have lineups for you prior to game time.

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