I saw a post over on Pete Abrahams blog today about a kid named Bryce Harper and it intrigued me so I had to look into it a bit more.

All I can say is WOW this kid is like a baseball god. At 16 Years old he is over 6′ tall and weighs 205. He is an all star catcher and can hit like nobody I have ever seen before. Look at this video of him in a Home Run Derby when he set the Record for the longest home run hit at Tropicana Field registering over 500 feet. Look at the number that keeps flashing up next to him that is usually around 110. That is his bat speed, 110? Are you kidding me? He is also so fast that he scored from second 6 times on pass balls. I’m speechless to think that anyone can be this good. His dream is to play for the Yankees and be the greatest baseball player on earth. I would think with all that skill you will see him within the next few years so remember his name folks. Bryce Harper, I think you are going to be hearing it for many years to come.

Talk about making it look easy check out how easy his swing is and listen to the sound the ball makes off the bat

I for one cannot wait to see this kid in the big leagues in pinstripes or not he will be something to see for now he is certainly something to look forward to.I never get tired of watching this kid look at how quick he gets out of the crouch and how accurate he throws.