Tonight’s starting pitching matchup between the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees features Andy Pettite vs Scott Feldmen. Lets make an attempt to break down thier numbers and see who has the advantage.pettite1

Andy Pettite is 5-1 with an ERA of 4.10 He has started 10 games and pitched 63.2 innings . He has allowed 70 hits and 29 earned runs waling 23 batters and striking out 34.  He has given up 8 HR and opponents are batting .281 against him.

First lets say the record is fine having 6 decisions in 10 starts means he has gone 5 or more innings 60% of the time. This also shows in the fact that he has 63 innings  in only 10 starts. So we can conclude that Andy is giving the team innings. The 70 hits in 63 innings is somewhat of a concern, you like to see less hits than innings pitched. The 29 earned runs also is not the greatest hence the ERA over 4 but another quality start or two could easily bring this down below 4.00. The fact that opponents are batting under .300 is good but we would like to see this number get down closer to the .226 mark that is sported by teammate CC Sabathia.

I am a bit concerned about his back. Andy is a gamer and will try and pitch through anything and if he says he is going out there he is going out there. However some solice can be had in the fact that if he falters Chein Ming Wang can be brought in take over and hopefully be effective.

feldmanScott Feldmann is 4-0 with an ERA of 3.91 He has started 7 games and appeared in 3 as a reliever. He has pitched 43 innings allowing 40 hits, 21 earned runs, 5 hr and has struck out 26 and walked 17. Opponents are batting .225 against him.

Feldmans numbers at first glance look great. However look a bit deeper and you will see that in 7 starts and 3 relief appearances he has only pitched 43 innings. You figure maybe 6 innings for the relief appearances and that’s 37 innings over 7 starts or just a little over 5 innings per start. You need your starters to go a bit deeper into games than that if you are going to keep winning. Its hard to really get a good base off him until he gets a few more starts under his belt but the rest of his numbers look very good. Less than a hit per inning and only batting .225 against him are both very respectable.

If all things were equal I would say that Andy’s experience and his ability to pitch in and out of trouble would make him the favorite in tonight’s match-up but with his back still being a question mark in my book it may be interesting to see how he responds.

However you spin the odds it will be an exciting game in the Bronx. Lets all hope for a Yankees win and remember to route for those Tigers. They are playing the Red sox over on ESPN that game will feature Josh Beckett vs Armando Galarraga .