SB-Teixeira-R Word is out the Yanks are playing great defense. 18 straight errorless games.  For those who don’t know that is a MLB Record.  The Yankees are 27-7 when they don’t commit an error this year. They are 3-13 when they commit at least 1.  This is no coincidence.  It is important to make plays.  When a team makes stupid errors and misses routine plays they lose games.  Regardless of how well you pitch, a team has to play good defense.  This takes the pressure off of the pitchers.  Granted, it helps when your pitcher is making diving catches and throwing guys out at second for double plays. With that aside, it is all about the D.  How many plays has Mark Teixeira made at first base that for the last 7 years have gone right by Giambi? Next time any of you tune in to a Yankee game watch what Teix does at first base.  This is a microcosm of what has been wrong with the Yankees for years. Giambi could not make the routine plays and poor throws from Jeter and/or Arod would end up in the dugout and extra bases would be given away.  No more. This team is solid defensively. Jeter looks like he is 29 and not 35 right now.  That includes in the field. I have seen him make play after play going to his left. Lets face it, that is not his strong suit.  He knows he can gun it over to Teix and he will most likely scoop it. 

I love watching good defense and for the first time in 7 years the Yanks are actually playing some.  If they keep this up who knows what they can do. They are pitching, hitting, and fielding right now. Other teams in the league are looking at the Yanks and saying wow we are in trouble.

By Michael Genovese

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