2009 American League – Standings
EAST                   W    L    PCT    GB    HOME    ROAD    RS    RA    DIFF    STRK    L10
NY Yankees    29    21    .580    -        14-9    15-12    283    263    +20         Lost 1    6-4
Boston                29    22    .569    .5     17-6    12-16    267    236    +31         Won 1    4-6
Toronto             29    24    .547    1.5   18-7    11-17    270    241    +29         Lost 1    2-8
Tampa Bay       25    28    .472    5.5    13-11    12-17    294    260    +34    Lost 1    4-6
Baltimore          23    28    .451    6.5    16-13    7-15    250    288    -38         Lost 2    7-3

This is what the American League East currently looks like. What do we like about it? Well the fact that the Yankees are in first place all by themselves is a good starter. The Bombers had a chance today to keep a larger lead between them and the Red Sox but hey you can’t win them all. I’m not going to rehash the entire game its to painful for me. Just click here and let them tell you.slidin

Lets just say that the Red hot Mark Texieria gave the Yankees every opportunity to come away with a win but some days it just wasn’t meant to be. In the ninth inning tied 4-4 with one out and Pena on  third and Gardner on first Posada hit into a double play. I really don’t understand why Gardner wasn’t stealing 2nd to prevent that situation or at least a hit and run. Either of those may have resulted in a run scored and seeing Rivera in the ninth instead of Coke. But like I said I don’t want to rehash the whole game.

Tomorrow is another day as the Bombers will finish their 4 game wrap around series with hopes of another series victory. It will be Chamberlain 2-1 vs Sowers 1-2. Sowers glaring ERA of 7.71 certainly must make the Yankees feel as if their chances are good. After  tomorrow its back home for another set against the Rangers before the AL Champions Tampa Bay Rays come to town for a four game set starting on Friday.