BDD_flaherty_nyyJohn Flaherty is a former Yankee Catcher turned broadcaster and is fairly knowledgeable and a decent broadcaster. To be honest he is a better broadcaster than he ever was a catcher. But all and allhe was a  serviceable backup catcher. Lately he has a bug up his butt  about Alfredo Aceves.  Seems to me Aceves is the best pitcher the Yankees have in their bullpen  (besides Rievera of course) Aceves know as Ace by his teammates is 3-1 with an ERA of 2.75 in 19 innings he has given up 16 hits with 18 strikeouts and has only allowed  6 earned runs. He has proved to be versatile and able to come into the game in multiple situations. He came in the other day for Joba Chamberlain when he had to be pulled due to an injury. Ace pitched three and a half scoreless innings and earned a win. He also has proven he can come into pressure situations and get the Job done. He came in for Andy Petitte in the sixth inning of his last start with two runners on and nobody out. After walking the bases loaded he was able to limit the damage to just one run and preseve the victory for Andy.

As a converted starter he is also available if the Yankees need a spot starter for whatever reason. Be it injury or a double header or even a long rain delay that causes the regular starter to be pulled , Ace is the guy the Yankees would turn to.

But for whatever reason Flaherty keeps making remarks about Ace not having good stuff . Seems to me that if his stuff was bad he wouldn’t be so good. But every other sentence when the guy pitches is about how bad his stuff is. At the same time he is saying that he is pitching well. He uses very passive aggressive sentences like ” Even when you don’t have the best stuff if you have confidence and aren’t afraid to throw strikes you will do well”  Huh?  Of course if you throw strikes you will do well. However to throw strikes you have to have good stuff. Now Ill give you that Ace isn’t overpowering he doesn’t hit 94 or 95 on the radar gun. its more like 91 or 92. But Last time I checked 92 with good location and a sharp curve ball to go with it is considered “good stuff” Whenever I watch Ace pitch it seems like he has great control and can throw a strike at will. He is not afraid to pitch inside and uses both sides of the plate.When he runs into trouble its because sometimes he leaves a fat one down the middle and gets tagged. But all and all he is the most reliable reliever the Yankees have right now and is quickly earning the reputation of being the most trusted. John you work for the Yankees don’t bad mouth their good relievers  it makes you look ignorant. If you want to badmouth a pitcher start with Jose Veras he has been horrible.