progressive-field-scoreboard Here we are folks live from progressive field in Cleveland where the 21-28 Indians are preparing for battle with the 27-20 Yankees. By preparing I mean waiting for the rain to stop and looking at a tarp covered field.Actually It was just a lite shower that went through the area so the start of the game is fairly imminent. Here are your starting line-ups

YANKEES (27-20)
Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Posada C
Matsui DH
Swisher RF
Gardner CF

Pitching: LHP Andy Pettitte (4-1, 4.30).

INDIANS (21-28)
Cabrera SS
Sizemore DH
Martinez 1B
Peralta 3B
DeRosa LF
Francisco RF
Carroll 2B
Shoppach C
Crowe CF

Pitching: LHP Cliff Lee (2-5, 3.04).

Lee tore the Bombers up back in April when we were routed 10-2  its time for a little  payback if you ask me. Game is supposed to start at 8:30 back later with updates.

tarp comming off

Update 8:40: The game is under way and the Yankees waste no time getting busy Jeter hit a lead off single followed by Tex and A-Rod walked to load the bases. Two outs after a Cano Strike out and Posada comes up for his first at bat sense going on the DL and strikes out swinging ending the threat. But the Yankees did make Lee work as he had to throw 25 pitches to get out of the first.

score 0-0

Note: For those of you who didn’t already hear. With Posada back in action tonight the Yankees had to make a move to clear a spot for him on the roster. As I predicted Kevin cant hit Cash was sent down to Scranton. I’m not sure If he will assume the starting role their but for Scranton’s sake I hope not.

Update 8:53 Petitie fairs a little better he did allow one runner to reach but retired the side on 11 pitches

End of one 0-0

Matsui due up Im gonna go get some pop corn ill let you know if anything exciting happens.

Update 9:50 I’ll admit i have been slow with the updates as I have been feeding my face and enjoying the magnificant food here at progressive field. I don’t know what they charge at Yankee stadium but I just got a dog and a soda and it cost me the better part of a Ten Dollar bill. This little field trip is getting expensive.

Anyhow on with the update The Yanks are leading 3-0 top of the forth. Here is how it has happened

Top 2nd- Jeter hits an RBI single scoring Nick Swisher Scored  Gardner to 2nd  Yanks 1-0

With the Bags packed Tex grounds out scoring Gardner moving Jeter to 3rd and Damon to 2nd  Yanks 2-0 texxbigeyes (I didnt take this shot my seats arent that good. But look at Tex’s eyes, man is he seeing the ball well.

Top 3rd Nick Swisher with the Sac fly  scoring Robinson Cano   Yanks 3-0   and that’s the scoring so far

notes: Out of town news Toronto beat up the Red Sox 6-2 breaking their nine game losing streak. If the Yankees hold on and win this one they will be in first place all by themselves.

Posada has two hits as he just bounce one over the wall for a double. Certainly is a huge bonus having him back. I think we should bake him a cake or something

5th inning and Cliff Lee just passed the 100 pitch mark certainly not the Cliff Lee we Saw back in April.

A-rod just made a great play to his left good to see that the Hip is feeling much better. Pettite has been Battling. He has pitched from behind in a lot of counts. Yet he still has less than 80 pitches and has only given up 5 hits. A win when you don’t look as sharp as usual is even better than when you are dominate sometimes.

Update 10:24  Pettite out for the bottom of the sixth inning and gives up a lead off single. I would assume he would be on a short leash from hear considering how he has struggled today.45 strikes 35 Balls not a great ratio. But hey only 81 pitches .

Pettite walks the next batter. now two on nobody out Girardi out to chat with him. By rule if Girardi comes out again he has to take him out.  I hope he is not hurt.. Alfredo Aceves is up and they come out again to see if Andy is ok they must have saw something. They don’t routinely bring the trainer out to talk with the pitcher.

I’m assuming Aceves will get all the time he needs to warm because of the pitcher being pulled for injury.  Bombers are in trouble now bases loaded nobody out. But I trust Ace to limit the damage. That’s what he gets paid for.

Strikeout that’s one:)   Its funny how many Yankees fans are here there are almost as many as there are Indian fans.

Flyball scores a run but it will limit the damage to 1 run if he can keep it here.

Ground ball out and a scoop by Tex and the Yankees are out of it only allowing one run. This certainly Raises Aceves stock in my book. Of course I was already a fan, he signed my hat at the Scranton V Rochester game when I went to see him pitch before.

This field is a lot more fan friendly than Yankees Stadium we were able to get real close to the field before the game and I got Cervelli and Cano to sign my hat as well. This hat is going to be my classic good luck piece if I can keep my dogs from eating it.

Gate c (Heres a picture taken before the game. Didn’t look like rain at this point, boy did that change in a hurry)

Update 11:12 Ace still in there bottom of the eighth. I know what you are saying, boy mike he’s has been in there a long time. Well he was a starter and is capable of throwing multiple innings. He probably wont be available tomorrow but Im glad I got to see him pitch three innings tonight. He has been great for the Yankees I was surprised he didn’t make the club out of spring training but hes here now and has so much versatility. I was watching him pitch a few days ago and listening to Flaraty bad mouth him saying that he doesn’t have good stuff and this and that. Well the numbers don’t lie Aceves has an ERA of 2.79 has pitched 18 innings giving up 16 hits only 8 earned runs 2 hr and 3 walks he has also struck out 18 and has a 3-1 record. For someone with bad stuff he has the best numbers in the bull pen. (except for Rivera of course) Speaking of Mo he is warming in the bull pen and we will  see him in the ninth inning barring some huge run barrage before the Indians get another out.

Here comes Mo and they aren’t even playing “Enter Sandman”the nerve!!! 

Base hit Indians not a good start for MO

Cabrera strikes out on the high cheese. (stadium gun says 94) 1 out

Sizemore strikes out swinging 2 outs   WOW 96 mph  Mo looks awesome.

Martienez grounds out  3 out   Ball game over Yankees win theeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankeeeeeeeeeees WIN. Back with wrap-up once I get out of here and back to my hotel.