The Yankees are back in first place in the American league east for the first time this season with a win over the Cleveland Indians and a loss by the Boston Red Sox.

I’m on the Road at Progressive field in Cleveland Ohio where I just took in what turned out to be a great ball game. First lets talk a little about this impressive ball park. Formerly Jacobs field ,Progressive field does not offer a bad seat in the house. Even the Bleacher seats would provide a decent view of the game. The concessions are a bit more reasonable than many of the Ball Parks that I have been to in the area. Now I haven’t been to the new stadium yet so I’m not sure what they are there. But I bought a Hot dog and a Soda and it only cost me 7.50. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that’s cheap but I did pay 6 dollars for a soda in Toronto earlier this year. Ok there is an exchange rate difference but I think it still works out to be more.

Speaking of Toronto, the Blue Jays broke a nine game losing streak beating the Red Sox 6-2 and giving the Yankees this opportunity tonight.

The scoring tonight for the Yankees came early

Top 2nd- Derek Jeter hits an RBI single scoring Nick Swisher  moving  Brett Gardner to 2nd  Yanks 1-0

With the Bags packed Mark Texeria grounds out scoring Brett Gardner moving Jeter to 3rd and Damon to 2nd  Yanks 2-0  

Top 3rd Nick Swisher with the Sac fly  scoring Robinson Cano   Yanks 3-0   and that’s the scoring in this one. That’s all that the Yankees needed. Andy Petitte went 5+ innings leaving with what seems to be stiffness in his back. Alfredo Aceves came in and Pitched 3 Scoreless innings allowing just one of the runners he inherited from Pettite to score. Mariano  Rivera came in to pitch the ninth gave up one hit and struck out two and that’s the ball game. Yankees 3 Indians 1.  

It started with a one and a half hour rain delay and finished with a victory. Pettite struggled through most of the game but to his credit toughed out 5+ innings only allowing one run (actually just charged to him after he left the game) and picked up a win to go to 5-1.


Aceves is the big story in this game pitching three dominant innings in relief of Pettite only allowing 1 hit and recording 2 strikeouts.

Tomorrow the Bombers will be back at it again as CC Sabathia takes on Fausto Carmona who at 2-4 has struggled so far this year with an ERA of 6.42.

If you get a chance to go to progressive field I highly recommend it. The baseball experience is very fan friendly and provides great access to all the amenities that you could ever want. I give this trip a 8. Would have been higher if the game had been more exciting.