Derek Jeter is going to be 35 years old this month. According to an article on you wouldn’t know it. Jeter is batting .297 with 7 home runs and 10 stolen bases. He is on pace for career highs in HR and SB. The greatest thing about the Yankee Captain is what he said about his stats and what he may be on pace to do at 35 years old.

“I hate hearing ‘being on a pace’ about stats,” Jeter said. “Maybe I’ll have an even better month in June or maybe I won’t. What matters is whether you win the game that day. The statistics will be whatever they are.”

I Preach something in everything I write and say about sports. Athletes, in order to be successful, have to have two things. Heart and Hustle. This statement right here puts my mind at ease that the Captain of my favorite team has it, and with his attitude the rest of the team will follow suit.

: Thanks to for a great article on the Captain.