Ok the Yankees have a regular dilemma on their hands. To many quality starting pitchers. This is the kind of problem that many teams wish that they had. Most of the Yankees rotation is a no brainer. CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and Andy Pettite are not going anywhere’s. Joba Chamberlain is also pretty much a lock, however their are a small group of insane people that wish to move him back to the bull pen. Of course they say this after every little hic up he has. But as previously stated these people are insane. Why anyone would want to take a 23 year old starter that has the potential to be one of the best pitchers in the game and move him to the bull pen.Grrr makes me mad just thinking about how dumb some people can be.

So anyhow that brings us to our dilemma Phil Hughes and Chien Ming Wang. Wang was brilliant in 2006 and 2007 winning 19 games in both seasons and was on his way to another successful campaign in 2008 before injuring himself running the bases during an interleague game. After missing the remainder of the season he was looking forward to coming back this year and picking up where he left off. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. His sinker wasn’t sinking and he didn’t have the velocity that he was accustomed to .chien_ming_wang

His power sinker ,which when healthy had been reading 94-95 mph on the radar gun ,has been 88-90 mph this year and not sinking. This is what led to his going back on the Dl. They said that his hip muscles were weak or something like that. Basically he was just sucking and they needed to send him down to build up his innings and strength until he was right again. He is back with the team now and working out of the bull pen to prove his worthiness to regain his place in the rotation.

In his absence his spot in the rotation was filled by Phil Hughes.  Now Hughes hasn’t been great at 3-2 with an ERA of .5.19 in two of his three wins he was dominant. Something Wang hasn’t been able to accomplish yet this season. Phil is hopefully going to be a part of the Yankees rotation for many years to come he is only 22 years old and has a world of talent. He like Chamberlain has the potential to be one of the best pitchers in baseball.hughes2

It appears now that Wang may be back to his old self. (or at least close). Now you can’t ignore how great Wang has been in the past and you have to assume that once he is right he will be the same pitcher again and deserves his spot in the rotation.

Many make the Argument for Hughes that there is nothing left for him to learn at triple  A and has proven that he can get major league hitters out and should be in the Rotation.

Now what should the Yankees do?  Do you leave Wang in the pen and let Hughes pitch in the rotation. Do you give Wang back his spot in the Rotation and put Phil Hughes in the Bull pen. Do you send Phil Hughes back to Scranton. Is trading one of them an option?

First off those who think the Yankees should trade one of them should put down the crack pipe cause that’s not going to happen. In my opinion (which combined with .89cents will get you a cup of coffee) Wang should stay in the Pen until  either his velocity and sink is back or Phil Hughes starts to suck. Lets assume the later isn’t going to happen. When Wang is right he should get his spot back and Hughes should go back to Scranton. What Hughes needs is innings. In the Bull Pen he will not get the opportunity to build up his innings so that next year when Andy Pettite is no longer with us he is ready to pitch 180-200 innings. Now I am in favor of bringing him back in September once the Roster opens up and lets you carry more players. Especially that he would be essential in the Bull Pen or in the rotation for the Play Offs or in the World Series.

There will also be situations where Rain Outs will force double headers which he could be called up to spot start in if it can be worked out to fall on his day to pitch. We also can not discount the likelihood  that  one of the other Four pitchers in the Rotation may sustain an injury along the way in which Hughes would be the first call. Along the way their will be plenty of opportunities. The most important thing is not to discount the future and build up his arm strength to prepare him for his  many full seasons to come.

The good news is that this is not a decision that has to be made today. The Yankees would be wise to just wait and see how it all plays out. The best choice will present itself when it is time to be made. Right now the Yankees are Red hot so lets not worry about problems that most teams would love to have.