Yankees v Rangers game time 8pm EST here is your starting line up and pre- game banter.

Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera CF
Hideki Matsui DH
Nick Swisher RF
Fransico Cervelli C
Pitching: RHP Joba Chamberlain (2-1, 3.70).73396534JM016_BOSTON_RED_SO

The Yankees have won 11 of their last 13 games and have climbed back to within one game of the Division lead behind  their arch enemy the Boston Red Sox. Toronto has Fallen from grace and is now holding on to third place after losing 7 straight.

Brian Bruney has returned to the 15 day DL with right elbow pain. He is scheduled to see Dr. Andrews tomorrow. For those of you that don’t know whenever you are going to see Dr. Andrews it is usually very bad. There is the possibility that it may be nerve related. The Yankees are not happy that he was not forthright and withheld this information thinking he could pitch thru it. You would think they would learn after Carl Pavano and the car accident thing.(but thats another story) The bull pen continues to be a spot for concern.

Dave Robertson will be in the house called up from Scranton to take his place. I would think he will be given every opportunity to hold onto the job considering the list of relievers that can be trusted at this point is dwindling.

Chien-Ming Wang will again be available as the long man out of the Bull Pen as he trys to battle his way back into the rotation. The concern I see with Wang is his velocity. That power sinker just isn’t as intimidating  when its only 88 MPH instead of 95. Also his slider ,although good at times ,seems to be hanging and very hittable. You can’t disregard his resume having won 19 games twice and been in the talks for the CY young both times. He is still young and he will right the ship. But for now he’s bull pen bound and Phil Hughes stays in the rotation.

Joba has not had a lick of success against the Rangers and hopes to turn that around tonight. He only has a career 8 innings against them but has given up 7 runs as they are hitting .333 against him. It was against the Rangers that he had to leave last year with his shoulder injury. But hey that was in the past. Discounting his abbreviated start last time out , in his last full outing he went 6 innings only giving up 2 earned runs.

He will be faced by Kevin Millwood who at 4-4 hasn’t faired well of late . Millwood  in his past three starts has allowed four runs (two earned) to the A’s, five runs to the Mariners and three runs to the White Sox, the three worst offensive teams in the American League. It’s hard to see things ending well with him going against the powerhouse offense of the Yankees.

Update 8:39 pm: The game has been in rain delay for approx 40 minutes . While you wait here is the line up for the Texas Rangers
Kinsler 2B
Young 3B
Hamilton DH
Cruz RF
Murphy LF
Byrd CF
Davis 1B
Saltalamacchia C
Vizquel SS

Pitching: RHP Kevin Millwood (4-4, 3.12).

Also note that Jorge Posada played three inning of a simulated game today in Tampa. We will see how he feels tomorrow that will be the true measure. Joe Girardi says he is scheduled to play again tomorrow. sounds like he is getting closer.

No word on when the rain delay will be over but they predicted at 8:00 it would be at least an hour. Back later with updates as I get them.

Update 9:55 : Strangest rain delay ever. For the first hour it didnt rain at all then all of a sudden it rained like there was a hurricane. I guess This was better for the pitchers than only being able to pitch a few innings and then get pulled. It looks like there will be baseball as they are preparing for the start of the game. Throw on some coffee its gonna be a late one.

Update 10:15 : First pitch scheduled for 10:30

with the rain delay i lost my local coverage of the game if i get updates ill post them but im notg sure if YES will pick up the replay later probably nnot till tommarow am . oh well what can you do. Ill let you know what I hear.

Lost my local coverage of the game due to the Rain delay however I did hear that Melky jammed his shoulder trying to make a play on a ball and Brett Gardner has taken his place. No word on how serious it is. If I get anything Ill let you know.

Update 11:12: My Local coverage has returned better late than never its bottom of the second 2-0 Rangers as Marlon Byrd hit a 2 run single in the first scoring Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz. Joba’s first inning woes continue. But now its the second and he has struck out three in a row including the final out of the first.

No word on Melkys sholder except that its Jammed and Gardner is in.Yankees Rangers Baseball

Boston lost 6-1 to the twins big opertunity for the Yanks

update 11:32 Damon singled then stole second. He advanced to third on a wild pitch and A-rod walked. Unfortunately there were 2 puts and Cano flied out ending the threat.  Only the third inning and Joba has thrown 54 pitches.  Not good

update 11:49 good news on Melky x-rays were negative and they are calling it a shoulder sprain. Yankees have had runners on in every inning but have  not come trough with the big hit yet. No worries yet its still only the 4th inning. Lots of baseball to come.

update 11:55 Chris Davis drives one 411 feet, 3-0 Rangers

update 12:04 Mark Texieria  plants a curve ball into the upper deck. He got a curve ball in his happy zone and boom HR number 13. Next at Bat A-Rod has an infield single offf Kevin Millwoods pitching hand but he is ok. 3-1 Rangers

update 12:08 bottom of the 5th Alfredo Aceves in for Joba Chamberlain. Im listening to John Flarety(Flash) and Ken Singleton do the play by play and I have noticed that Flash  is very Negitive about all the Yankee players, he seems to focus on what they do wrong. I would much rather listen to Michael Kay or John Sterling than Flash or Al Liete, who also annoys me. Aceves has a 1.2.3 inning with a strikeout even after Flash said he doesnt have very good stuff.

Update 12:16 Gardner singles than steals second his third stolen base of the game. ninth of the season. Matsui hits just missed a HR off the top of the wall as he hits a double scoring Gardner easily from second. Matsui is on second still nobody out. 3-2 Rangers. You gotta love Frankie Cervelli as he hits a game tying base hit and then takes out Ian Kinsler on the next play with a hard slide to prevent the double play off the bat of Jeter. Kevin Millwood couldn’t hold my grandmother on base as the Yankees are running at will against him. Jeter stole second for their 5th stolen base of the game. Saltys has made some good throws but he has had zero help from Millwood.

Update 12:36 Melky will have an MRI tomorrow just to make sure their is nothing more serious than the strain/sprain category.

Meanwhile Aceves looks graeat he is throwing strikes at will. Regardless of what Flash says this guy has filthy stuff.

I spoke to soon Saltys drops in a bloop RBI single 4-3 Rangers. However you feel that the Yankees still are in command of this game. as we go to the 7th inning in Arlington.

Update 12:57 am Nick Swisher hit into a inning ending double play with the bases loaded still 4-3 Rangers. Those are the ones that haunt you when you think about what cost you the game.The Yankees have left 11 men on base tonight. Brett Gardner continues to have a good night as he is 3 for 3 with 3 stolen bases. To think he didn’t even start the game. Anyone wanna bet me $20 he will start tomorrow.

Update 1:02 am

Ace is knocked out as he gives up Back to back hits. Its second and third nobody out Phil Coke coming in. Its really strange because the local network didnt plan on the rain delay they are not going to commercials for pitching changes. It feels like your really at the game. Oh except for the fact that my dog is snoring.

Hamilton hits a ground ball to short 5-3 Rangers and still a runner at third with less than 2 outs. Not looking so great for the Yankees. They are walking Nelson Cruz intentionaly to set up the double play. If Coke can keep it at 5-3 I give the yankees a decent chance. Walking Cruz to pitch to David Murphy was the right call for the Yankees. He hit a fly ball to center though and now its 6-3 on the sacrafice. I was suprised that they didnt pinch hit for Murphy to avoid the lefty vs lefty. But it worked out as the Yankees have their work cut out for them 6-3 Rangers

Update 1:21 am

Davis hits his second HR of the game its 7-3 Rangers now and that knocks out Coke. Robertson is coming in just called up from Scranton today. It doesn’t look good for the Yankees 4 runs is a pretty big deficit to come back from in the ninth inning. But we are talking about the Yankees and they will have Tex, A-Rod and Cano coming up in the ninth.

The Good news for the Yankees is also the Bad. Its the Fact that The Red Sox also lost today so the Yankees wont lose any ground and will remain 1 game out of first. But this is also the Bad news as They had every opertunity to be in first place right now as they have left 11 runners on base tonight. Last night they had 9 hits with runners in scoring position. This has not been the case tonight. They were 2-11 tonight thats not going to get it done.

Frankie Fransico on to finish it for the Rangers with his big fat 0 ERA.

Besides Cano reaching on an Error the Yankees go down quitely 7-3 Rangers.

My players of the game: Rangers Chris Davis hit 2 HR and Brett Gardner who had 3 hits and 3 stolen Bases for the Yankees.

The Goats: For the Rangers it was Kevin Millwood who let the Yankees steal 5 bases off him. For the Yankees It was Nick Swisher who hit into a bases loaded double play with the score tied.

Tomorrow night It will Be AJ Burnett 2-2 who struggled in his last outing but still went 6 innings.  For the Rangers it will be Derek Holland 1-1 who has given up 8 runs over 8 innings in his last two starts earning two no decisions.  Game time will be 8pm (weather permitting)

The Yankees will be hoping to come away from Texas with a series victory and maybe a share of first place before heading to Cleveland for a four game series.