11-1 does that constitute a slaughter or a massacre? Either way the Yankees seem to do no wrong lately. This is an unfortunate circumstance for the Texas Rangers who have done fairly well for themselves lately as well.  But tonight was to be the Bombers night right form the start.Yankees Rangers Baseball

Lately Alex Rodriguez has had all of his offence come via the Home run but not tonight as he was 5 for 5 at the plate with 4 RBI’s . This was the 5th time in his career  that he has had 5 hits in a game. Its not often you get 6 ab’s in a game but I’m sure someday he will break this personal record as well. Currently he is batting .259 but its climbing . The difference I see in Alex this year is that he is getting his hits when they count. He is currently batting .338 with Runners in scoreing position. Last season he seemed to hit alot when it didn’t matter. Hitting a HR when you are up 6 runs doesn’t mean as much as when you hit a single with an RBI in a tie game in the 8th.

The Yankees had no shortage of hits as they pounded out 19 hits. Even Kevin (can’t hit) Cash had 3 hits. Every Yankee that came to the plate had at least one hit. Its hard to lose when you have this kind of offence.

Yankees Rangers BaseballBut the True man of the night was Phil Hughes who pitched eight scoreless innings only giving up 4 hits and striking out 6. The last time he faced the Rangers he had a no hitter through 6 and 2/3 until he had to leave the game with a Hamstring injury. You might say that the Rangers are Hughes favorite team to pitch against. Hughes has been up and down this season but he looked like the Ace that he has the potential of being tonight. With the way he has been preforming it looks like he will stay in the rotation for now and Chin Ming Wang will serve as the long man out of the bull-pen until a 5th starter is needed. I love this decision Phil needs to keep starting even if its at Scranton but sucess here in the bigs will do lots for his confidence. He has such filthy stuff that if he doesn’t try to over analyze everything he will be the great pitcher the Yankees know he can be. Wang is also great don’t get me wrong but I’m not convinced that he is 100% healthy yet. When he is healthy his sinking fastball touches mid 90’s regularly. Last time he played some of them were  in the  upper 80’s low 90’s. At that speed they better have a lot of break and great location. Some of them do but when he can get himself right and they are  94 or 95 mph it gives him a bit more room for error.

Nick Swisher who has been slumping lately also had 3 RBI ,  2 RBI for Mark Texeria and 2 more for Robinson Cano who has been red hot as  batting .315. Remember all you nay Sayers who were ready to trade him in the off season?

The one run scored by the Rangers was a HR in the 9th inning by Nelson Cruz, his 12th of the year , off Alfredo Aceves. Aceves has been the Yankees best reliever of late who has only given up 3 earned runs in 14 innings for an ERA of 1.84 and a record of 3-0.

Tomorrow  the Yankees are back at it again as they face the Rangers for game number 2 in this 3 game series. It will be Joba Chamberlain 2-1 vs Kevin Millwood 4-4. Lets hope that Joba is 100%  after being hit by a line drive in the first inning of his last appearance.

Other news:

Its back to the DL for Brian Bruney with elbow pain. This is bad news for the bombers as he is one of the best that they have. He will see Dr Andrews on Wednesday. (whenever you here someone is going to see Dr Andrews it’s not a cramp if you know what I mean)

Dave Robertson is being called up and will probably be in the pen tommarow  .

Jorge Posada and  Xavier Nady have begun rehab assignments in Tampa this is the last step, usually to being reactivated. The  Yankees have really missed Posada. I would guess that when Jorge comes off the DL Cash will Be DFA and Cervelli will become the Back-up  but they may also carry three catchers for a bit to make sure Posada is 100%. Which is unfortunate because Cash is probably the worst catcher in baseball and its inevitable that his days are numbered even with his three hits he had tonight. Ive  said it once and Ill continue to say it get that bum out of here and get PJ Pilitare on the 40 man roster.

Back tomorrow with pre-game and injury updates. Also sty tuned for another YOM spotlight piece on one of out favorite Baby Bombers.