hughes2I’m of a slightly different opinion than my friend Mike G. He believes that Phil Hughes should be moved to the bull-pen in the wake of Wangs return to the line-up.

These are the reasons he has given and then I will list my counterpoints.

1. Back in the Day pitchers started in the bull pen and then worked their way into the rotation

2. Phil Hughes in the Bull-Pen would fill a glaring need that the Yankees have.

Here are my Counterpoints

1. Back in the Day they didn’t pay pitchers multi million dollar deals so they didn’t worry about the health of a pitchers arm as much. This resulted in less viable years for most pitchers as dominate starters.

2. Phil Hughes is a starting pitcher and still needs to build up innings before he can be expected to compete as a full season starter giving close to 200 innings. I would think that Pettite won’t be back next year.(just a guess) and Phil will be in a great position to get that job out of the gate.(Baring some huge off season trade or free agent signing) Hughes is not anywheres close to being able to trow 200 innings and in the bull-pen he still would not be there for next season.

I think sending him back to continue as a starter to build up his innings is the Yankees best choice right now. Later this season he will be needed to make spot starts for double headers or if Joba Chamberlains inning count gets to high. After he accumulates more innings he may be valuable out of the bull-pen in September or in the play-offs but right now hes not the answer.

The Yankees Bull Pen  Does have a glaring hole but its looking better. Right now these are the pitchers I trust. (In order from least to most) Phil Coke, Brett Tomko, Alfredo Aceeves,Brian Bruney, Mariano Rivera. The Yankees need at least two more guys to add to this list. Here is who is available:

Anthony Claggett
J.B. Cox
Casey Fossum
Kei Igawa
George Kontos
Zachary Kroenke
Mark Melancon
Sergio Mitre
Edwar Ramirez
David Robertson
Romulo Sanchez
Josh Towers
Jose Valdez

Besides Mitre who is on restricted duty any of these guys could come up and fill a spot. The question is who do you trust? Thats why we have pitching coaches and scouts. My opinion Josh Towers,Casey Fossum, Kai Igawa, or Dave Robertson are your best bets. Towers and Fossum are disposable and can be DFA’d if they suck. Robertson has showed some success in the past. Igawa is a lefty that I believe is better out of the pen than as a starter anyhow, and could be showcased to trade to the NL. Not to mention all the arms at Trenton that I haven’t even discussed.

So with this plethora of options the best option is to send Phil Back to secure his innings in the future.