hughes Tonight’s start (in the first now with 1-0 lead) for Hughes is the biggest start of his young professional life.  If this start is ok like his last one then he will most likely be sent down in favor of Wang.  If the start is really good the best he probably will do is a move to the bullpen. This is the best case scenario for the Yankees. The Yanks Bullpen is still in need of one more reliable arm. Edwar Ramirez has been sent down with the return of Bruney. Bruney makes the bullpen much better. They went from being a bullpen full of slow pitch softball pitchers to a decent bullpen.  With Coke, Bruney, Mo, and a good solid long man like Hughes the Yankees are just a better baseball team. 

Some people say, “well he is a starter.” So what. Back in the day the bullpen is where guys started. They worked their way into the starting lineup. Lets get back to that, that is what I say.  Hughes as the long man in the pen practically eliminates the one glaring hole that the Yanks have right now.  So, Brian Cashman if you are listening (which you’re probably not) PLEASE do what makes the Yanks the best team right now.  The fact of the matter is, that is keeping Hughes in the bullpen as the long man.  I mean if Wild Thing Vaughn can get forced into the bullpen for the Indians after a stellar season the year before I am sure Hughes can too.  He hasn’t even been that good as a starter, think on that Brian Cashman

By Michael Genovese