Johnny Damon has been a great Yankee ever sense signing that surprise contract in 2005 that shocked the Red Sox Nation (I always laugh when I say that) and labeled him a trader to millions of chowder heads up and down the east coast.jdbat

He has fit right in sense the very first game he brings an energy and fun to the Yankees who are sometimes seen as stuffy and to business like. Yes Baseball is a business and the players are paid a lot of money (to much money) to preform on the field not have a good sense of humor. But lets not lose sight of what baseball is really all about. It’s about entertainment for the fans who watch it. Personally I could give a rats butt if they are professional on and off the field. I want to be entertained. I don’t care who A-Rod is dating or  if Derek  Jeter drives a Ford I just want to get my moneys worth when I go to a game and enjoy watching one on TV.

Damon is entertaining and as a bonus he does his job the right way and puts up respectable numbers as well. At his current pace Damon will hit 30 HR and close to 100 RBI. That is more than respectable in anyones  book. Do I think he will do that, no probably not. Am I routing for him to do that? You bet I am.

Johnny knows that the Yankees have a ton of outfielders that are Younger than him Like Melky Cabrerra, Brett Gardner, Austin Jackson, Todd Linden, John Rodrieguez,Shelly Duncan and the list goes on and on. Some of them may even be better than Damon one day. But offensively right now Damon is the man.

This is a contract year for Damon and he is well away of that. He would love to be able to sign another deal with the Yankees because he loves NY and loves being a Yankee. But at 35 years old he is a realist and knows there is a good chance that with the amount of aging players already on the Yankee roster and with GM Brian Cashmans hope to make the Roster Younger the Bombers may chose to let him go.

That being said here’s to hoping that Damon is around at least 3-4 more years retiring as a Yankee and getting to that elusive 3000 hits. Which almost seems reachable with him closing in on 2400.

Johnny Damon and Matt Holiday will be the big prizes in next years free agent outfield class. Don’t be swayed by the money Johnny Stay a Yankee if they give you the opportunity.