Myself and my good friend from were back on the road to the Bronx on Monday night. This time we had some Delta Sky Suite tickets. Pretty tight not going to lie. The seats are plush leather and right behind home plate (up a ways but perfect). The Only picture I have though doesn’t really do it justice. The whole area is set with old pictures, couches, a bar, and even a Ice Cream bar. It is all pretty cool.
The play on the field was solid as well. I see some key things for the Yanks that show me they are turning things around.


  1.  Tex is hitting the ball extremely well now with ARod batting behind him. He is seeing fastballs and more importantly planting them in right and left field.
  2. ARod is starting to heat up as well. His AVG is still horrible but his on base is high. He is not swinging at garbage. Only a matter of time now.
  3. The pitching is coming around. There are still bullpen problems but Bruney is back and should help. Wang will be back for his next start as well.
  4.  the #1 most important thing that I see with the Yanks right now is that their SWAGGER is back. That “we can win any game” mentality that made the late 90s teams the best.

It’s getting exciting. Stay tuned.

behind home plate