Johhny Damon being ejected for arguing a strike three call was part of what made the Yankees winners tonight.

After Damon was ejected Brett Gardner got to play and man did he play getting 3 hits one of them being a inside the park HR the first sense Ricky Ledee did it in 1999.Brett was just a double short of the cycle and almost had a second inside the parker except that he tripped rounding first and had to settle for a triple. Mark Texieria also had a big hit in the ninth to get on base and A-rod collected his forth walk to get the tieing  run in scoring position. The Twins elected to walk Robinson Cano and pitch to Melky Cabrera  putting the winning run on second. Pena came in to take A-rods place as a pinch runner at second giving the Yankees the opportunity to win the game with a single and the Melk man delivered with a walk off game wining hit that clinched the 5-4 victory over the Minnesota Twins in this first of four.Twins Yankees Baseball

Now as huge of a victory as this was it was not without its sloppiness. Phil Hugues was not very good only lasting 5 innings giving up three runs and only issued first pitch strikes to about half of the batters he faced.

I’m guessing when Wang returns Phil will be headed back to Scranton, although he may get one more shot to redeem himself before Wang returns. The Bombers again struggles with runners in scoring position as the Twins handed them 8 walks prior to the nineth inning that they were unable to make anything of. however this is the third win in a row and 5 wins out of the last 7 games.

Unfortunately they do not gain anything on the Blue Jays who beat the White Sox 8-3 . Currently the Red Sox are also winning 2-0 but that game is only in the third inning.

Here is the Video from Gardner’s inside the Parker, man this kid can fly!