spALDSdlp23 The Problems for the New York Yankees are easy to spot.  They are easier then Madonna on a Friday night.  Sure there are problems with middle relief.  Sure there are problems with consistency in the starting pitching. Sure there are problems with health.  Ultimately though the main problem this season with the NY Yankees is their hitting with runners in scoring position. It is as embarrassing as, well, I suppose the Madonna on a Friday night analogy will work here as well.  Before tonight’s game against Toronto the Yanks are batting .243 with runners in scoring position.  For a 190 million dollar payroll that is pathetic.  You can say anything you want about the Yanks but they get people on base.  Right now they are 8th in the Major Leagues with a .348 OBS. Fact of the matter is the Yankees can not under any  circumstance get anyone around to score.

By Michael Genovese