Jeter, Matsui out of Yanks’ lineup vs. Blue Jays


The Yankees are in a good place when it comes to short term injuries. By that I mean that they have adequate replacements so that they do not have to rush someone back to the lineup before they are ready.

Many teams do not have this luxury and end up forcing their stars to return to the lineup before they are ready often causing further injury or extended periods of poor performance.  That being said don’t rush Matsui back make sure he is 100% as the Yankees showed tonight Brett Gardner,Nick Swisher and Melky Cabrera can more than handle the OF If Johnny Damon Dh’s. To be honest with you in my mind its the ideal lineup. Don’t get me wrong I know Matsui can hit but he isn’t healthy and can only DH and he really isn,t running that well and an argument can be made saying that with only 3 HR and batting .263 he isn’t hitting either.

As for Derek Jeter here is where you really have to be careful. He is supposed to try swinging the bat tomorrow , but if he even feels a tingle I would tell him to sit back down. Now is not the time to lose the face of the franchise. Ramiro Pena is hitting the cover off the ball and playing a gold glove caliber short stop so let the kid play until Jeter is 120% sergio

Sergio Mitre… hummm I had forgotten all about him he’s the dude that was suspended for 50 games for taken a supplement that he bought at GNC found to be on the banned list. He has had a so so career primarily because of elbow problems . Now he has had reconstructive surgery to fix his woes and he hopes to reinvent himself. In the 2007 season, Mitre set many “career bests”.He won a career-high five games. He also set career bests with 27 games played, 27 starts, 149.0 innings pitched and 80 strikeouts. Mitre had a streak of not allowing an earned run in 24.2 consecutive innings. This streak lasted five starts, beginning May 20 at Tampa and ending June 15 at Kansas City.  He made Marlins history with his 1.12 ERA in May, only the second lowest for a starting pitcher during May in Marlins history, a feat previously held by Chris Hammond, who turned in a 0.61 ERA in May 1994.  Mitre began to see injury problems beginning in 2007, missing two weeks with a blister on his right middle finger, and time later in the season for a strained right hamstring. He had three stints on the disabled list, foreshadowing his 2008 season where he did not pitch at all.

If he can return to his 2007 form and that’s a big if maybe he can be of some use to the Yankees as the season progresses. One thing the Yankees have its depth in their Minor league pitching. They have a ton of these type pitchers that were once good and left of the scrap heap, ex Casey Fossum, Josh Towers, Brett Tomko ect… If one or more of these guys finds a way to reinvent himself , well I guess that is a big If isn’t it?

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