panicOk first lets start by saying don’t Panic. They Yankees have been down this road before and still finished in the playoffs. But we do have some things to be concerned about. One of those things is the injury bug seems to bite the Yankees hard at the beginning of the season. Why is that? Are the players not conditioning properly in the offseason or in spring training?

I believe the hitting will come around it may take A-Rod a few weeks to warm up but he will soon be on fire. Texieria unless he is hurt will catch on firer soon as well. So I’m not overly concerned about the offense. Now the pitching is what worries me. Mainly the Bull-pen. Outside of Phil Coke and Mariano Rivera who can you trust in there right now? The Yankees have a ton of pitching down on the farm now is the time to figure it all out not in July or August. As far as the starters go we need Wang back and back to his old self. He looked good yesterday but it seems they are going to give him one more start at Scranton just to make sure. I think Joba will be fine and CC will not be a problem. Petitte will continue to keep us in the game as well. Its mainly Burnett I worry about. But Im not Panicking yet. As mentioned before the Yankees need to fix their bench situation around and get their catching problems fixed. (now I’m just beating a dead horse)

I can’t stress enough how big tonights game is. This is a huge chance for Pettite and the Bombers to right the ship and get on a winning streak. we won the series in Baltimore now we need to do the same in Toronto.

Back soon with line-ups and pre-game  jibberish.