roy halladayAs predicted the best pitcher in baseball shut the Yankees down. Roy Halladay pitched a complete game allowing only one run off the bat of A-rod. Damon was the only other bright spot for the bombers going 2 for 4 and scoring a run. Damon has been red hot lately. AJ Burnett went 7.2 innings which helped save the overworked bullpen. He gave up 3 runs in the fourth and another 2 in the eighth inning. Other than that he pitched fairly well. If the Yankees had been able to put up a few more runs he may not have even been out their for the eighth.

Looking ahead tomorrow the Yankees  the Yankees put Andy Pettite 2-0 on the mound to face Scott Richmond whom is 4-1. To be honest I dont know anything about Richmond but Ill do a little research and talk about him tomorrow. This is a big game for Pettite the Yankees would love to take 2 out of three from the division leaders but this becomes more of a challenge going down 0-1. Thursday the Yankees put CC Sabathia up against Brian Tallot. Hopefully CC will pick up where he left off in Baltimore.

In other Yankee news Ian Patrick Kennedy (IPK) had surgery today to repair an aneurysm in his right shoulder it will be 6-8 weeks before he can begin to throw.

Chin Ming Wang Pitched a Triple A game at Scranton tonight going

Wang’s line: 6 ip, 3 h, 0 r, 0 er, 3 bb, 6 k.
82 pitches, 49 strikes.

He was consistently in the low 90’s touching 93 -94 a couple of times, He was able to keep his sinker down in the zone and had a good ball/strike ratio. My guess is Wang will be back with the club this weekend but they may decide to give him one more start at Scranton.

Roger Clemans appeared on ESPN radio this morning again denying everything. He claims that Andy Pettite misremembers him using HGH and that he never was injected by Macnamee. What really makes me laugh is that he has told this lie so many times he has convinced himself that its true.

Elsewhere in the AL east Baltimore took down Andy Sonnenstine (1-4) and the Rays 7-5. Tampa pitching has fallen off its 2008 cloud and back to reality. At the time of this Article the Red Sox and Angels are just getting going. Late game West coast we will recap it in the am. So here is the way the division looks right now.

EAST W L               GB
Toronto 23 12
Boston 20 12            1.5
NY Yankees 15 17 . 6.5
Tampa Bay 15 19    7.5
Baltimore 14 19       8

Now I know the Yankees are 6.5 games out but its very early with alot of games left to play and alot of games against the Blue Jays and Red Sox Left. The Blue Jays are playing well but are they for real? I’m gonna say no. If they had a rotation of three Halladays they might be but they don’t.They are overachieving, the Yankees are under achieving and the Red Sox are playing consistent ball right now. All things will soon begin to level off and the Yankees will close the gap on what will be soon be the first place Red Sox.