Although I enjoyed writing over on Bronx Baseball Daily It seems that he has more than enough writers to handle what news is out there. I feel that I can express my fanhood better here and at our sister site Behind the Foul Pole. This site will host all the Yankees news and BTFP will be the place to go for other baseball news. BTFP also has a great thing that is calle3d funniest commercial of the week. On with the Yankees news. Lets start by giving you my spin an all things in Yankee land. First Pitching: The starting pitching hasnt been as bad as it really looks. It certainly is an improvement over the mess we had last season. CC looked great his last outing, AJ is undefeated (until tomorrow that is Holiday is the best pitcher in the game) Joba will be great once he gets the whole sucking in the first inning behind him. Andy is Andy he will keep you in the game and as long as the offence puts up some runs he will be fine. Wang will be back soon and hopefully back to his normal self. Franchise Phil is still young and will do well against free swinging teams and will struggle against patient teams like the Red Sox. But he will probably head back to Scranton as soon as Wang is ready to go. The Yankees have picked up some security down in Scranton with the signing of Casey Fossum and Josh Towers both of whom are veterans that could serve us well if we need them. At the least they will bolster the Scranton rotation with Phil being up with the Yankees and IPK being on the DL. The Bull Pen This is the biggest weakness or shall i say troubled spot with the club right now.  I’m not sure if it just sucks or if its not being used properly. The good : Alfredo Aceves who was just recently called up will provide them with a legit long man or spot starter. The Yanks have just purchased the contract of Brett Tomko from Scranton. A career .500 pitcher I believe he finally has his head on straight and may surprise alot of people. Mariano looked great the other night and will continue to look better as the season goes on, remember he just had serious shoulder surgery during the  the offseason. Bruney is on the DL right now and hopefully will be coming back soon he is the Yankees best option as a set up man. Jose Veras sucks I don’t know how else to put it , he throws hard but his control just isn’t there. Ramirez is good if its the first time you have seen him, his problem is that hitters are starting to learn that they can sit on his changeup and  crush it. The next person that says Joba should go back to the pen will be shot (just thought Id let you know) now on to the position players: Having Arod back is the key. This will make everyone else better. He came back with a bang the other day crushing the first pitch he saw into the bleachers. Plan on seeing 40 or more of those before the season ends. Also expect Texiera to start heating up now. He will see alot more good pitches now that A-Rod will be batting behind him. It seems that for now Nady does not need surgery and will be returning soon. This is a ticking time bomb situation he has a torn tendon and will probably end up needed the surgery anyhow. If this happens he will be transferred to the 60 day DL and open up a roster spot for another hitter to be added to the 40 man roster. My vote would go to Shelly Duncan who has been tearing it up in Scranton. Other good options would be John Rodriguez,Juan Miranda, or Todd Linden, all of whom are hitters who would help bolster the Yankee bench. Right now they are carrying two utility infielders. Why you ask? They are just making sure that Arod is going to be ok than I believe Berroa will be DFA’d. He will probably clear waivers and go back to Scranton. Pena has been doing a great job as the utility guy and I think his defence will probably make the Yankees take a serious look at him as Jeters replacement at short in a couple of years but we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Damon is on fire! he won Al player of the week for the second time in his career In seven games last week, Damon led the Majors with five home runs, 15 RBI and 32 total bases, hitting .419 (13-31). Johnny posted A.L.-best totals with 13 hits and a 1.032 slugging percentage. He also collected four doubles, seven runs and a .455 on-base percentage. Yesterday, Johnny hit a three-run go-ahead homer in the seventh inning of an A.L. East matchup at Baltimore’s Camden Yards.dmon The game-winning home run was his ninth of the season and his fifth in seven games while also marking his seventh straight game with at least one extra-base hit. Matsui  is hitting better than I thought he would and is starting to look better running the bases. Nick Swisher is doing great in replacement of the injured Nady and I dont see how you can bench him when Nady comes back. Melky Cabreara has been on fire as well. However I think that Gardner needs to get more playing time he is a playmaker and tortures opposing pitchers if he gets on base. Jeter has been his normal clutch self, but Girardi need to not be afraid to pull him out late in the game and put Pena in for defence. Sorry kids Jeter is great but defensively Pena is better. Posada being on the DL is a killer and if that isn’t bad enough Molina has followed him. Cervelli is performing adequately in his absence and is getting a real opportunity to prove that he is the man to replace Posada in a couple of years when he cant do it anymore. They have called up Kevin Cash to be the back up catcher, a move i disagree with PJ Pilitare is just flat out better and should be holding this position. That about covers it,  tune in tomorrow night as the Yankees take on the Blue Jays back with starting line ups as soon as they become available.