koreawbc2111In what in my mind is an upset Korea defeated Japan 4-1. Darvish gave up three runs early but recovered nicely but It just wasn’t enough. Korean starter Jung Keun Bong out pitched Darvish and limited the Japanese offense to one run on three hits in  5 1/3 innings .Kenji Johjima  Japans catcher was ejected in the 5th inning after a called strike 3 and his refusal to pick up the bat that he had just dropped in disapproval. It appeared at the time he did not even realize he had been ejected. Ichiro drove in Japans only run on a ground ball in the fifth but is batting only .174 in the classic.

Korea has earned a day off before the semifinals and Japan goes on to play Cuba in an elimination game tonight at 11pm est.

In Yankees news the NY post apparently has sources that say that if Rivera were to get injured than Joba would be the new closer. Humm funny how these things go In my mind this is a decision that should and will be made by Girardi and Cashman not some unnamed source of the NY post. Its another case of news to write so we will write it. Unless It comes out of Girardi or Cashman it has no bones. I personaly am getting sick of hearing the debate about if he should be a starter or in the bullpen. I think Pete Abraham said it best when he said Albert Pojols would be a good pinch hitter so maybe they should put him on the bench,enough said.

Today the Yanks beat the Astros 4-1. Houston agreed to play with a DH so Wang did not have to bat. Wang pitched 5 innings only giving up one run with 2 strikeouts. At the Plate Cano went 2-4 as the DH, Duncan went 1-1 with 2 RBI and Molina also recorded 2 hits in two appearances. Melk man went 0-3 with an RBI. Gardner was spotted with a big smirk on his face. (not really but if I were him I would be)

Next game tommarow night 7:15 against Toronto on YES. I’ll have lineups and pitching as they become availible.