mlb_u_dwright_5762In what was one of the best finishes in WBC history the USA came from behind in the bottom of the ninth inning to defeat Puerto Rico 6-5 and move on to semi finals.

PR had a 2 run lead going into the bottom of the ninth when they gave up two singles to Vicotrino and Roberts. Jeter then hit a deep fly ball that moved Vicotrino to third.  With one out Roberts stole second base just ahead of the strong throw by Y. Molina. After a walk to Jimmy Rollins Kevin Youkolis came to the plate with the bases loaded and one out. Kevin worked a 3-2 count and eventually  walked driving in a run to make it 5-4 PR. David Wright  then pounded a line drive to right on the third pitch of the at bat and that was the ball game as two runs scored and in what you would think was a world series victory the celebration began.  I’ll admit it looked grim for the USA they had squandered many scoring opportunities throughout the game while PR made them count scoring 5 runs on 5 hits. But none of that mattered in the end.

So now its all on the line again with another  game tomorrow night against Venezuela for a trip to the finals.  Japan is facing Korea as I type this I’ll have highlights on that one in the am.

Meanwhile the Yankees faced the Pirates in Tampa today taking care of business 9-2. A couple of observations watching this game.  Mark Texiera is a great defender.  I had always heard this but watching him make play after play that Giambi probably would have had trouble with makes me realize what a great signing this was. Sabathia is the real deal and he is going to win the Cy Young this year. I know thats a pretty bold statement but he is just so good. I’m so happy that we passed on Santana and got CC for just money. Santana would have probably cost us Hughes and Jackson, as it is now we get to keep both of them.  Good job Cash.  CC went 4 innings gave up 1hit and 1  earned run  striking out 7 and only walked one. He was down in the zone and had great command. Rivera got his first inning out of the way and looked like he was in mid-season form allowing no hits no walks and struck out 2.

Both Carbrera and Gardner got some play time today and both of them had a hit , Melky with an RBI. Heres how they stand offensively in their battle for the starting CF position

Gardner      .375     3 HR   6 RBI  1.226 OPS

Cabrera        .259     0HR   3 RBI    .745 OPS

What does all this mean.  It means that Melky should be thinking about where he is going to find a job because he is getting smoked and I just don’t see a need for him. Now I won’t be surprised if they keep him as a bench player mainly because with Arod on the DL it offers them a bit of flexibility. But what will happen after he gets back and Ransom takes his spot on the bench nobody knows. I for one think that they should look at trading him as part of a package for a young infielder or catcher. Ive said it once and I’ll keep saying it until Cashman listens to me. The Rochester Red Wings have a young catcher named Jose Morales that is third on thier depth Chart but certainly would be a huge insurance upgrade over Cervelli or Cash. He is coming off an ankle injury but with Posada probably not having many more seasons behind the plate and Molina not being designed to be a starting catcher the Yankees should start thinking about who is going to be  starting  probably starting in 2011, which is when I predict Posada will gecome DH full time.