In WBC news Venezuela has beaten Puerto Rico setting up a PR vs. Us rematch with the winner going on to play Venezuela in a bid to go on to the finals in LA.  In the nightcap tommarow Japan will face Korea. In my mind these are the top two teams in the tournament. The action is heating up, keep reading YOM and I promise we wont miss a beat.

In Yankees news the bombers took care of business today defeating the world champion phillies 12-0. Joba continued to regain his form pitching three innings with 3 strikeouts.   Big suprise Igawa has pitched another 3 scoreless innings. I hate to be an I told you so but thats 12 innings for Igawa this spring and he has only given up 6 hits has not allowed a run and has struck out 11 batters. I know that Igawa is slotted to be a starter at Scranton but I feel for the money we are paying him he should be considered for the bullpen. Not going to happen but it might get interesting between Igawa and Hughes if someone gets hurt. I also would not be suprised if you see Igawa get a spot start when there is a double header or if they need to skip Joba to keep him within his inning limit.  There is almost zero chance of trading Igawa considering the 12 million he is owed. Hopefully they will see that his adjustment period is over and the kid can pitch.

Good news on the Marte /Cano front. Both players had MRI’s and both seem to only have minor injurys and should return to normal duty within a few days.

Sabathia pitches tomorrow night and should go four innings. Mariano Rivera is also set to pitch an inning. How mush you wanna bet he strikes out the side?