Ok it was half a perfect spring training game but still he wad sick stuff today. If he pitches like that all year, and I believe he will, 20 wins will be on his radar. His official line was


4.0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0.00

Hopefully he can repeat those numbers with the first one being 9 at some point this season.

In other news Rivera threw another bullpen and looked fabulous. Next up its game time for him.

My man Brett Gardner today went 1-3 and reached on an error. Which to me was more important than the hit. It was an infield chopper that most player would have easily been thrown out on but because they know he can fly they rushed and committed an error. He could have easily stolen second a couple of time but every time he tried Damon fowled it off. One time his jump was so big he was almost halfway down the base=line before it left the pitchers hand. Some players have great speed but don’t know how to use it. Brett has great instincts. I don’t see any way he isn’t starting CF even with Melky being out of options. Either carry Melky on the Bench, trade him now or its the DFA highway.  (sorry Melk Man)

The Yankees ended up winning 3-0 in that game and the other half of the split squad game the Yankees held on to win 13-10 Melancon gave up 2 homers and 5 earned runs in .2 innings. Geesh I see someone else is on his way back to minor league camp as well. In Marks defence he is coming off surgery and he does have real good stuff and a very bright future, just not this year. Hughes pitched 3 innings and wasn’t horrible , but he wasn’t as good as he has been. I think sometimes Phil trys to be to precise instead of letting his pitches natural movement do the work for him. He gave up 2 runs on 2 hits. It’s the three walks that bother me. IPK looked good going 3 innings and striking out 5. Giving up 3 hits and 1 unearned run.

The offence was highligted by a 2 run homer from Austin Jackson and a grand salami from Jesus Montero .

In WBC action Venezuela beat The dutch 3-1 and PR is spanking the US in the 7th 11-1. Assuming that the US loses they will face an elimination game against the Netherlands.