After participating in the WBC with the recently eliminated Dominican Republic, Robinson Cano and Damaso Marte have returned to spring training. Neither of them is 100% and the Yankees are not happy about it. Cano has a sore right shoulder and Marte a sore Pectoral muscle. Perhaps the WBC should be played after the regular season when players have had a chance to work up to the 100% competitive workload that a tournament of this magnitude requires. Both of them will be getting checked out tomorrow hopefully its just minor stuff. Ill tell you what if they return Jeter Damaged the Yankees might start putting WBC clauses in player contracts.

In other news the Yankees lost to the Red Sox 8-4  Im not going to go through the blah blah blah of it all lets just say Wang got hit. Gardner is sealing his spot in center. Tomko as I predicted all along is going to win a spot in the bull pen and Igawa (whom remember I haven’t given up on ) Pitched ANOTHER scoreless inning. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night for the US vs PR this will be the closest thing to real baseball you will see until April.