The Yankees have reassigned Eric Hacker, Wilkin De La Rosa , J.B. Cox, George Kontos and Kanekoa Texeira to minor league camp. Andrew Brackman was reassigned to single A Charleston. Interesting thing about Brackman, he is on a Major league contract his options will run out quickly. I think he would be great trade bait. My man Brett Gardner had another HR today. Thats three so far this pre-season leading the Yankees. I know I promised before that it would never be said again but its true.  He also had a bunt single and went first to third on a single. (yes the boy has speed) however he did get caught trying to break for home when Melky got hung up between first and second. In my mind he did exactly what you are supposed to do in that situation. IPK gave up 5 runs today  on 5 hits. I still think he can pitch but hes young and has allot of learning yet to do. Phil Hugues on the other side has looked very polished in his outings. After seeing him pitch lately I’m almost starting to believe that he should be in the rotation and Joba in the Bullpen.  Ok I don’t believe that yet but almost. Tomorrow night we will hopefully see the Joba that we are expecting otherwise you have to wonder if there is some merit to that kind of talk. I think that with Joba being on a innings limit that Phil will get his chance to start some games if not filling in for Joba than when Burnett ends up on the DL. Im just saying. Mark Teixera had 2 hits and Berroa had another hit as well. Berroa has looked good at the plate but horrible in the field. Unfortunately with Arod out, Unless they make a deal for someone, Berroa will probably win the utility job by default. I still believe that if there is a deal that makes sense out there the Yankees will make it. They would be foolish not to cover all the what ifs. If you have been following the WBC its obvious that the USA has been kicking butt. It was surprising to me that Japan was runner up in group A behind Korea. The schedule is confusing but its laid out fairly well here The picture for the Second round is not complete yet but by this weekend we will have a clearer view of it.

Tonight the Yankees have a night game against the Reds. The Game will be televised on Yes . I’ll be back later in the morning with a preview and lineups.