The world baseball classic  to me is almost as exciting as the regular season playoff. Granted most of the teams are not that good but I love a good tournament. Weather its the NFL, NBA, Final Four, Big east Tourn. Or in this case The World Baseball Classic the athletes always give 110%. The first round of action wasn’t amazingly competitive though Yu Darvish for Japan is amazing. Please tell me how the Yankees can get that 22 year old right hander. He has amazing control and is in my mind twice the pitcher of Dice K. Japan shut down China 4-0 and Korea beat up on Chinese Taipei  9-0 the two losing teams meat tonight in at 10:30 on ESPN2, I’m predicting China should be the winner of tonights battle. The more competitive battle will be tomorrow night when Japan will meet Korea.  From pool C tomorrow the US will face Canada. Both teams have formidable offences but the Us certainly holds the advantage in the pitching department  with Jesse Crain being the only name brand on the staff. However Scott Diamond a minor league pitcher for the Braves looked mighty  good against the bombers the other day.  Still I predict a big win for the US. In the nightcap Italy and Venezuela will match up my edge goes to Venezuela Migel Cabreara being the difference in this one.

If you have been following the WBC at all there is a fun ranking thing over on  you rank the order you think the 16 teams belong in and then they show you the actual rankings. I did better than I thought. I had  Japan at #1 and they had the US. I think the US has a better offence but Japan has sick pitching. check it out here.

Still no final word on ARod’s Surgery but his is what we know.

1. Arod has a torn Labrum in his hip and had a cyst that has sense been drained.

2.  The tear is not going to get better without surgery

3. It is unknown weather waiting until the off season will make it worse

4. The surgery will likely  put him out 4 months

5. A-rod was going to work out today and see how it feels now that the cyst has been removed

6. Girardi said that the decision on surgury will ultimately be up to Alex.

7. The Yankees aren’t denying that the Surgery could happen as soon as Monday.

ok people lets be smart about this. The Yankees need A-Rod love him or hate him he is the best 3rd baseman in the MLB and arguably one of the greatest players of all time. However the Yankees need to think of the future. Alex is going to be around for many years to come and if there is even a chance that playing could make it worse they must opt for immediate surgery. I believe that this will be the result and I’d be willing to bet a weeks pay  that he will have surgery next week. The only remaining question is who will fill in at third. I didn’t use the word replace there because there really isn’t anyone that could do that. My belief is that Cody Ransom is not the answer. The Yankees have enough pieces to work out a trade with someone. After looking at the market this is my short list.

1. Brandon Inge-  A better player than his stats show. Inge can also play catcher which would add some depth should Posada suffer any setbacks.

2. Adrian Beltre-  Has underpreformed sence leaving the Dodgers for Seattle still has decent power and might do better with a change of senery.

3. Melvin Mora- Its no secret that Baltimore needs pitching and with the acusition of Ty wiggington they might be pursuaded to give up Mora for someone like IPK.

In other news the Yankees beat the Tigers tonight 7-3 Sabathia gave up one unearned run, throwing 26 pitches 20 of them for strikes. RBI’s were had by Damon, Swisher, Duncan and Pena.

Tommarow Yankees take on Atlanta 1:15. Back tommarow night with wrapup and more WBC coverage.