Phil Hughes looked good over 2.2 innings against team USA.  He had two strike outs and was able to establish a good inside fastball and was able to throw his curveball for strikes. Admittedly in the third he gave up a couple of hits before coming out he had good command and at one point made Adam Dunn look silly with a backdoor curve ball for a called strike three. Giaradi said ” He looked good today was able to establish his fastball and cutter down in the zone, It was a great outing for him.”

Gardner also has looked great so far hes 3-3 and had two singles a double and scored a run. Sixth inning now and Melky is in Gardner is out. 6-1 team usa. Back later with more updates as Eric Hacker is coming off the mound and will probably be headed to minor league camp soon.

update: Yankees lose this one 6-5 Melky Cabrera went 1-2 with a strikeout. Veras looked dominate in the eighth with two strikeouts. Jeter was the player of the game for team USA and played all 9 innings. I would think that  this would worry the Yankees a bit that they would play him all 9 innings for the first time in an exhibition game. I thought they might have him go 7 just to stretch him out a bit and then maybe 8 tomorrow before the WBC starts games that count. Especially when Victorino is your other Short Stop. That is always the biggest concern with the WBC is that someone is going to get hurt and miss some time during the regular season.

In my mind Gardner going 3-3 with a double , a stolen base and a run scored increases his lead on Melky for the starting CF position. Of course as I have stated before they don’t ask me. Perhaps they should If they did this is my starting line up and batting order:

1.Johnny Damon  LF

2. Derek Jeter     SS

3. Mark Texiara  1B

4. A-Roid Rod   3b

5. Posada  C

6. Matsui DH

7. Nady  RF

8.  Cano 2b

9. Gardner  CF

My Rotation looks like this

1. CC

2. Wang

3. Burnett

4. Joba

5. Pettite

Bull pen

1. Veras

2. Ramirez

3. Coke

4. Tomko

5. Bruney

6. Marte

7. Rivera


1. Ransom

2. Molina

3. Swisher

4. Cash

You may have noticed the lack of Melk Man and the additions of Tomko and Cash. Melky is out of options and should be traded. Tomko would be your long man along with Coke who would give you a second lefty to use as a match up guy if needed. Cash would be carried as an insurance policy if Posada can’t play behind the plate. He is kind of a balance between Molina’s defence and Posada’s offence. To be honest I’m not sure of what kind of deal he is here on, however I would hate to lose him should he not make the 25 man roster he seems like the most compitent of the third catchers on the roster. He has enough pop with the bat that he could be used to pinch hit late in games if needed.