It’s not important who won or lost today’s game. What was important was that Chien-Ming Wang pitched two innings without any discomfort in his right foot. He stated that he felt fine his sinker was a little up but he felt good about todays effort.

Ok in case you do care it ended in a tie. Here is the breakdown:

1st inning Melky Cabrera triples Johnny Damon scores 1-0 Yanks. (looks like the battle for center field is on)

1st inning Jorge Posada singles Melky Cabrera scores. 2-0 Yanks

Cody randsom grounds into a double play Nick Swisher scores on the fielders choice.  3-0 Yanks

Top 2nd Melky cabrera singles Angel Berroa scores 4-0 Yanks

Top 4 Angel Berroa scores 5-0 Yanks

After that the regulars came out and Houston scored some runs and the game ended in a 5-5 tie. If you really cared who scored for Huston try one of their blogs. Other notes Tomko pitched 2 innings and gave up a run but had two strikeouts. To me it looks like he has a decent shot at a bullpen job. But of course they don’t ask me.

Tomorrow Yankees vs USA should be fun. Ill be back with pregame in a few hours .