The Yankees lost to the Reds 13-11 in a slug-fest this afternoon. Brett Gardner hit another home run?? Could this be true? That’s two so far this preseason. Has anyone thought to ask him about this suddenly found power. I’m still going with Fluke, If he were to take a full season of AB’s in CF this year I have him for maybe 6 Homers and I think I’m being generous. Robinson Cano and John Rodriguez also homered for the Bombers and A-rod had two doubles and drove in 2 runs. (I’m telling you A-rod is winning the MVP this year and will have 60 HR). But a 7th inning grand slam by Craig Tatum was just a bit two much for the yankees to overcome. We won’t talk about the Yankees pitching today lets just leave it at not good.

But today did bring more important concerns . Montero injured his groin sliding to track down a pass ball. My guess is that you won’t see him again this spring. Albaladejo was hit in the leg with a ball and has a bruise. This however doesn’t seem to serious.   Kanekoa Texeira has the flu. Edwar Ramirez still has not started a throwing program yet. Funny how mild bursitis can keep you down.

One the other side of the injury coin Posada feels better, look for him to DH on tuesday and Jason Johnson has been cleared to start throwing outside after his battle with eye cancer. It would certainly make for a touching story if he wound up making the team but don’t count on it. He wasn’t that good when he could see.

Seems A-rod met with MLB officials for a couple of hours and the only comments I have been able to find is that the MLB investigators said. “Mr Rodriguez was very cooperative” Like he had a choice.  Many of you have been worried about a possible suspension.  I’m here to ease those fears. I say not likely. I can’t Imagine him getting suspended for testing positive on a confidential test which happened 6 years ago. A more likely concern would be over some of A-rods questionable associates. Mainly Angel Persinal who has been banned from MLB clubhouses and Yuri  Surcart, Arods cousin who supplied him with the steroids. If they could prove that he supplied them to other players or gave them to someone else, than they got something. But Arod is not dumb, even If he was guilty of something like that he isn’t about to confess his way to a 50 game suspension. You will see Arod again in Pinstripes at the conclusion of the WBC.