The Yankees lost again this afternoon 7-3. I can’t stress enough that the final score means nothing most of these early games are just like warm ups. Helps the hitters get their timing down and helps the pitchers work on things with release points. Example all but two of Jobas pitches were fastballs. In an actual game he certainly wouldn’t just throw fast balls hes working on release points and building arm strength. He’s not competing for a position he already has one unlike someone like Igawa, who looked good by the way, he has something to prove. Granted he is not going to make the 25 man roster but he wants a chance to make some appearances if there are injuries, or in September.

I missed most of the game. However I did see that Cano has lost allot of weight and Jackson has all kinds of speed and almost beat out a double play. I’ll admit I only say bits and pieces, I was at my moms house and well you know how that goes.

I’m looking forward to the Yankees vs team USA that will be a fun game to watch. Tomorrow Yankees take on the Reds.

A-rod is supposed to meet with MLB tomorrow but is trying to put it off for whatever reason. Probably because the Yankees are afraid he might say something that will get him suspended and they can’t afford to lose Alex for 50 games. At any rate Ill be back with my thoughts after the game.