The Yankees start out the Grapefruit league schedule with a commanding record of 2-0. Ok it’s a bit early to be talking like that but there were allot of positive performances in Thursdays  5-1 Victory over the Rays.

Posada’s debut was  one. While DHing  he had a Home run and a ground rule double. Going 2-2 with 2 RBI’s is always a good way to start.

The Ray’s lone run came in the 7th when Jon Weber singled home Eliot Johnson making the game close at 2-1. That was until Shelly Duncann put the game away in the Bottom of the 7th with a three run jack of his own sealing the 5-1 victory.

Phil Hugues pitched 2 scoreless innings with two strikeouts and had two hit batsman. This is Phil’s way of building a Goose Gossage like reputation. But seriously don’t think to much of the beaning to guys. He was just trying to be aggressive inside, he won’t be that wild in the regular season. He looked good hitting low 90’s on his fastball . Phil Coke also pitched well giving up 1 hit over two scoreless innings with a strikeout. Bruney pitched one inning with a strikeout with a fierce 95 mph fastball. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is Joe’s 8th inning guy, however I’m pulling for Melancon to make the squad and fill that roll. (prob. not going to happen)who by the way also pitched a scoreless inning with a strikeout. The Yankees have allot of depth in pitching depth in their minor league system that should keep them competitive for years to come.

In other news it appears that Manny is taking drugs too. Well I can’t think of any other reason that he would turn down the Dodgers latest offer of two years 45 million dollars. The first year would have paid him 25 million with a player option for the second year that would pay him 20 million. A third year club option worth 15 million is also in the deal. The best part for Manny is that out after the first year if the market opens up .  Considering that the Dodgers are Bidding against themselves and I don’t see anyone else comming forward with a better offer, he must be on drugs.  Manny, if you are waiting to see if the Yankees step in at the last minute and sweep you away don’t count on it, not gonna happen.