Ok that never really happened but what did happen was the team took a day away from the field today to enjoy a little time at the pool hall.

It’s Important for teammates to form a bond and what better time to form it than in spring training. There are allot of good details about this outing over on Pete Abrahams Lohud blog. But what I can tell you is that Rivera is no stranger to the  game.  The team was divided and two tournaments were played Mo winning both of them. Im guessing Andrew Brackman at 6’10 doesn’t ever use a bridge.

Damon says that having a day away from the field like this to reward their hard work just makes you want to work harder for Girardi.

Not to often during spring training do teams do something like this in order to build  clubhouse chemistry . Who knows the Giants went Bowling before they won the Superbowl maybe If the Yankees win the WS this will become tradition.