alex-rodriguez11Unless there is a positive drug test result floating out there post 2003 that we don’t know about punitive action against A-Rod seems unlikely.

After confessing to steroid use between 2001-2003 while with the Texas Rangers the media just keeps making things worse by digging and making assumptions with no real proof attached. For instance Yuri Scuart, Alex’s cousin whom obtained the Steroids taken by them from the Dominican, is said to be a mule by friends close to Alex. By mule they mean that he would only do what he is told to do. Granted this fits with Alex’s story but its the simple fact that this speculation is made from heresay.  Angel Presinal is a trainer that has been banned from major league clubhouses because of accusations of steroids. Angel trained Alex from 2001-2003 and has had contact with Alex as recently as 2007. What these irresponsible reporters would have you believe is because of this association Alex must have been getting steroids from him. First off it has never been charged or admitted to any wrong doing. Secondly Angel was a trainer for the Dominican Republic’s WBC team in 2006 and has worked with many big leaugers such as Pedro Martinez,Robinson Cano,Vladimir Guerreo and Jose’ Guillen. Are we to assume that all these players must have been using steroids as well? The facts are that A-rod admitted to taking a  banned substance during the years 2001-2003 when  there were not any rules set in place  for punishment . Angel Presinal may or may not be guilty of wrongdoing but neither him nor Alex have made any connection with Alex’s drug use during that time and his training with Presinial. The Drug test that A-rod failed in 2003 was part of a  confidential screening to see if a random drug testing program was needed in the MLB. The MLBPA issued a statement on Saturday, saying “Information and documents relating to the results of the 2003 MLB testing program are both confidential and under seal by court orders. We are prohibited from confirming or denying any allegation about the test results of any particular player[s] by the collective bargaining agreement and by court orders. Anyone with knowledge of such documents who discloses their contents may be in violation of those court orders.” In other words the person who leaked out this information in the first place should be in trouble for violating a court order.

So let the media make all the wild speculations they want. They will try and convince you of whatever they feel is going to make them money. The facts are the facts and the fact is without a post 2003 positive test or a confession from Presinal or Rodriguez no punishment should or will be issued.

Alex made a stupid mistake that will probably cost him his once certain place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The sad truth of it all is that Alex is probably the best player in the game and has proven sence 2003 that he doesnt need any performance enhancing drugs. Eventually  this will all die down but it will probably never go away. However a grand slam in game 7 of the world series couldn’t hurt.