The Yankees Chose Brackman as their number one pick 30th overall in 2007. Originally thought to be a top 5 pick Brackman slipped onto the Yankees radar because of an elbow injury. Looking at him I  am immediately reminded of Randy Johnson.   At 6’10 230 lbs he certainly has the potential to be every bit as intimidating. The problem with tall pitchers is usually mechanics. Much like Johnson, Brackman has good mechanics and when he releases the ball appears to be right on top of the hitter. Brackman features a 2 and 4 seam fastball (the 2 seamer being the better of the two) that touches 97mph consistantlyandy1. He throws a change up and a knuckle curve with less consistency sometimes struggling to throw the breaking stuff for strikes. When he came out of the draft he needed Tommy John surgury so still has yet to pitch an official game in the minors. Brackman is said to have a very high ceiling by the scouts and could be ready to compete for the Rotation by 2010. He pitched his first bullpen in a Yankees uniform the other day in Tampa. All that saw him pitch were impressed. I would suspect he starts the season in Tampa but should work his way up through the system rapidly if he pitches to his potential. He will need to polish the finer points of his game such as holding runners and fielding his position which tend to be vastly different at the Major league level than in college but Cashman and the Yankees are very hopeful that Andrew will be a part of the rotation soon and for many years to come.