Seeing Bernie Williams at Spring training brings back memories of days of old. Bernie was invited to work out with the Yanks as he prepares for the world baseball classic which he will be playing for Puerto Rico. Williams says right now he is just trying not to embarass himself or the team as he backs up starting CFer Carlos Beltran. “Who knows williams says, maybe if the fire is still there I might make a return to the Big leauges.
In other news CC Sabathia threw 30 pitches of live batting practice today. Only 4 balls were put in play and he had great control for being so early in the spring. He consentrated mainly on fastballs and when he missed he missed low. CC is set to make his first spring training start on March 2. I’m no math wiz but that puts him in line to be the opening day starter against Baltimore on April 6th. Sabathia states that if he is the ipening day starter it will be an honor that he will cherish.
Damaso Marte has a hamstring injury that will keep him from running this week and probably will keep him out of the WBC.