Melky Cabrera has decided to skip the WBC and concentrate on winning the CF job. Its a smart move by Melky, Missing so much time from spring training would definately have made him the underdog. Melkys main compitition is Brett Gardner, whom I feel brings a bit more to the table than Melky. Although he hasn’t lived up to his potential with the bat, his blinding speed adds a demention that the Yankees have been lacking for some time now. Its no secret that I’m a big fan of Brett however I still feel that I am being objective in my assesment. Melky has a better arm and more power but he runs the bases poorley and is to inconsistant at the plate. Austin Jackson is the Yankees center fielder of the future but is probably a year away from the majors. However a September call up would not suprise me. CF and the bullpen are the most interesting battles of the spring. Watch for Gardner to run away with the job.