alex1This phrase could be completed like this. You know your not eating a tic tac when there is a needle involved. A-Rods heart string pulling speech was very touching. Ok it was probably all BS, but we do know that he cares and wants to do right by the team. The best thing now is not to forget the mistake but put it behind us for now. How can Arod earn back the trust of his fans and teammates?  He probably can’t, but if he hits 50 HR and 130 RBI’s this season that might soften the blow. I’m glad the show is over for now and hopefully we can all focus on playing some baseball now. There is allot of baseball news to report that doesn’t have anything to do with Arod or steroids or anything negative. I wish that these sort of things were just handled internally and that the press and the public weren’t involved. Sometimes I think that the press is just after a story and has no regards to the game or the irreparable damage that they may cause. Baseball for some of us is a religion. You dont go into someones church and tell them that one of the saints is tainted.