The smell of baseball is in the air the pitchers and catchers are already working hard in Tampa and the other players are starting to arrive by the droves. Tomorrow A-rod will address the Media. (that will be a freak show) and before you know it Preseason games will begin. Spring training is my favorite time of the year it gives us a chance to see some of the up and coming prospects. I am Lucky I live near Rochester where Scranton comes to play against the Red Wings regularly, but many of you don’t get a chance to see the prospects play all that much. I like our line up the way it stands right now. I would definitely go into the season with Nady and Swisher on the Roster and the only change I might make is another bench player, Perhaps a Garciapara sighting would be welcome, but other wise we have a deep pitching staff and plenty of promising prospects on the horizon. Some of them may even have a chance of making the team out of the bull-pen. I think this year Hughes will be riding the Scranton bus back and forth to NY much the way Britton did last year. Who knows maybe even an IPK sighting or too might fly. But all and all I’m predicting a record of  92-69.